Looks to Me, Mieko, Like You Hit a Hole In One!

Congratulations Mieko Rogers! She hit a hole-in-one on hole no. 3 today using her 6 iron to make a long low shot that hit the front of the green and slowly rolled up and into the hole. Well done!



And that means the hole-in-one account is empty again, so everyone needs to give $3 to Lou Ann Beall. If you don't and you hit a hole-in-one, you are on your own paying for the congratulatory drinks.

Please note the amount due to the hole-in-one account has increased $1.



Low Gross: Mieko Rogers (73)

Low Net:  Katy Volpi (97 gross; 62 net)

Low Putts: Deb Truitt (27 putts)



We're in the process of familiarizing ourselves with Golf Genius.  When we do, a link to the results will be posted here on What's News.

Congratulations, Mieko!

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