To be eligible for the Annual Awards (most birdies, most improved player, fewest putts, etc.) one must be a current active member of the Davis Women's Golf Club. To qualify for the low putt award, a member must play a minimum of four games on PPP days.

To be eligible for PWGA Team Play and major tournaments, a member must have a handicap index of 40.4 or less.

Only those members who have joined the Davis Women's Golf Club a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to the first day of the mont in which a major tournament is held and have an official PWGA index will be eligible to compete in these tournaments.


Major Tournaments

Major tournaments include Club Championship, Ace of the Year, and the Handicap Tournament. All major tournaments will have assigned tee times. Those not playing in the tournaments will tee off following the tournament players. The Pro Shop will have the tee times. Post your major tournament scores with a (T).

Ace of the Year

Low Gross/Low Net

Ace of the Month is determined by the lowest gross and net scores for the months November through October. Aces of the month are eligible to compete in the Ace of the Year Tournament to determine the overall Ace of the Year.

Pro Points and Putts

Pro Points and Putts are awarded to low net and low putt winners on the first play day of each month. Pro Points are awarded to the top 10 low net winners and Trophy Points are awarded to the top five low putt winners. The player with the most combined Pro Points and Trophy Points is the winner for the year. The low putts are determined by the Putting Points method.


Minor Tournaments

Weekly Tournaments/Sweeps

Sign up for weekly tournaments in the signup binder at the course, or by calling/emailing the Tournament Chair before Tuesday afternoon. Check in 30 minutes before play on Wednesday. If you are unable to play, please notify the Tournament Chair or Pro Shop as soon as possible.

Beat the Pro

Bet $1 to $10 at the Pro Shop. If you beat the pro, your account is credited with double your bet. If you don't beat the pro, your bet goes into your account.

Blind Nine

The Tournament Chair or Pro Shop draws nine holes after the round is completed. For game score, total the scores of these nine holes and deduct half your handicap for your final score.


Winner takes all. For example, "Sweeps" is $3, so winner recieves $6.

Mystery ball

One best ball and one mystery ball is scored on each hole. Each player is assigned with a mark such as a diamond, spade, club, or heart. Make up the scorecard with pops according to handicaps. After a hole is completed, proceed to the next tee box where a card will tell you which player's score must be used from the hole just played. That person's score must be used for the Mystery Hole ball and may also be used for the best ball score. Two jokers on the course are wild.

Sand Shot

Optional Club Participation

Twofer Club

Members receive $2 from other members in their playing group anytime they score a 2 on a hole. Of course, they give $2 to any member who receives a 2 on a hole within their group. Become a member when you choose to pay your first $2 to a member of your group who scores a 2 on a hole. Report new members to the Tournament Chair at the end of play.


DWGC members pay $3 into the "HIO" bank. Any members that shoots a hole-in-one on a Wednesday play day or tournament wins the money in the "HIO" bank. Generally, the winner pays drinks for the DWGC golfers that day. The bank is replenished after each HIO payout.


Winter/Spring EC runs from December through May.  Summer/Fall EC runs from June through November.

Best score for each hole over the months determines overall best EC score.  Top four EC winners are awarded in each flight.