Did you know you can’t move your ball when it rests next to Goose Poop?
Rule 15.1a: You can remove the Poop as a loose impediment but be careful not to move your ball or you get a one stroke penalty.

Did you know when taking relief from a sprinkler head or cart path you can’t just bump it a few inches?
Rule 16.1: You must take FULL relief. Find your nearest point of relief, then take a club length and mark relief area no closer to the hole and drop from the knee.

Do you know the correct way to drop a ball when taking relief?
Rule 14.3b: Ball must be dropped straight down from knee height without touching player or equipment.

Did you know you can practice putting and chipping between holes?
Rule 5.5b: A player is allowed to practice putting and chipping when she is between holes, and everyone has hole out. (As long as you don’t delay play)

PROTECT THE FIELD. These are simple rules we should all have in our bags.

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