Confusion on Practice Shots during Play

There have been open discussions on when and where you can make practice shots.

Before Play: You may hit balls on the driving range, Chip balls around the Practice Putting Green, and of course putt on the Practice Green.

During Play: Rule 5.5b Between two holes, a player must NOT make a practice stroke with a ball. (Such as using a 3 iron)

Exception: Where Player Allowed to Practice Putting or Chipping:

The player may practice putting or chipping on or near the putting green of the hole just completed.
Example: You and your foursome just holed out on a hole. You can practice putting or chipping on that same hole, as long as you are not delaying play.

The teeing area of the next hole. (Not just your first)
Example: Your foursome is waiting to tee off. The foursome ahead of you is still within your range.
You may practice chipping only around the teeing area. If the fairway is clear, you must tee off.

These open discussions after and during play is only reinforcing our knowledge of The Rules of Golf.
Keep it up ladies, if you have any questions, please let me know and our Rules Chair will research and find your answer.

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