DWGA Operating Procedures

General guidelines are to be updated as necessary at a Board or General Meeting. 


Eligibility to join the DWGC league, potential new member must provide either an established handicap/GHIN number OR proof or 54 holes played with average differential of 60 or less.
Two 9-hole cards may be used in lieu of one 18-hole card.


A. Dues shall be for a 12-month period, January 1 through December 31. DWGC annual dues will be the total of NCGA dues and an amount for local dues. NCGA dues are the same amount for the entire calendar year. However, the local dues will be pro-rated: If a new member joins after July 1, the local dues pro rata portion will be 50% of the local annual dues. The NCGA dues covers October 1 – December 31 of the following year. (See Bylaws Article IX, section 5) 
Local dues for October-December enrollment covers through December 31 of the following year.

B. Annual Dues are due on or before October 1st. A penalty of $10.00 will be assessed after October 15.


A. HANDICAP, CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP and ACE OF THE YEAR shall be stipulated as major tournaments.  
* Entry fees shall be established by the chair of each tournament.
* All funds collected and allocated for tournaments shall be used for prizes and awards. (Exceptions are those events for which a line-item budget is allocated for decorations such as Holiday party and Guest days.
* Eligibility requirements for major tournaments:
1. Must be a member of DWGC for at least sixty days prior to the first day of the month in which
the tournament is held and have an official USGA index. The index may not exceed 40.4.
2. Four (4) games with DWGC must have been played within the past three (3) months, prior to the
major tournament.
3. No eligibility requirement shall be waived for any major tournament.
* Rules and Regulations and all other conditions, including the purse distribution, shall be published and posted at least two (2) weeks in advance of the tournament.

B. The DWGC annual Budget will provide at least the amount equal to $2.50 per member for each the Handicap and Club Championship Tournaments to be used towards the purses/awards. (For example, if there are 70 members; 70 X $2.50= $175.00 will be lined into the budget for each of the Handicap and Club Championship Tournaments. The DWGC budget may provide more than this amount however must at least meet the minimum of $2.50 per member.

C. ACE OF THE YEAR is also a lined item budgeted for the purses of $25.00 each for Low Gross and Low Net. Aces of the Year are awarded at the Holiday/End of the year celebration.

IV. PWGA/NCGA Tournaments

A. PWGA/NCGA Tournament of Champions. DWGC may be represented by four DWGC members per guidelines and criteria of the PWGA/NCGA. There will be no substitutions. Entry fees up to $250 will be paid by DWCG. The following individuals will attend the PWGA Tournament of Champions: Overall Gross and runner-up, and overall low Net and runner-up of the DWGC Club Championship Tournament (at the discretion of PWGA discretion/advisories). (12/29/2011 Board Meeting) 

B. PWGA/NCGA Team Play Tournament players will include a team of four DWGC members: two lowest gross and two lowest net who must participate in two out of three DWGC qualifying tournaments as identified by the DWGC’s NCGA Ambassador. The selected four-some must commit to play all days of the PWGA/NCGA Team Play Tournament wherever it is held in northern California. If the DWGC team does well in the first, one-day Tournament, they will proceed to the final two-day Tournament at a time and place determined by PWGA/NCGA. DWGC will support the Finals of Team play at 12% of the total budget. Winners will receive prizes determined by PWGA/NCGA. 


A. Special Events include the Ham, Turkey and Booze Shoots, Super Guest Days, Better Ball Tournament and special parties. If a member pays for an event and later can’t play, there is no refund. (1/4/19) 

B. Chairpersons of these events will follow the funds management procedures:
a. When participation fees are collected, give a Receipt Log and the funds collected to the
b. After the event, submit the expense receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement and a
summary of moneys collected and dispersed.
c. All funds collected and allocated for events shall be used for prizes/awards.
(Exceptions are those events for which a budget line is allocated for decorations such as holiday
party and guest days)  

C. PWGA/NCGA Rules state that cash cannot be awarded. Consequently, Pro Shop credit, gift certificates or prizes are the options for awards.  


A. One pin for first birdie will be awarded per member; upon the day of occurrence when  possible.  

B. Annual Awards 
1) To be eligible for annual awards (most improved, most birdies, most chips, least putts, pro points,
etc.) one must be a current member of DWGC. To be eligible for the annual low putt award, a
member must play a minimum of four games on PPP days. 
2) Competitors for ACE of the YEAR shall be the “Ace of the Month” players from November 1
through October 31. 

 C. Major Tournament Awards 

1) Handicap Tournament winner will receive a medallion at the Holiday party, and the tournament
purse at the conclusion of the Tournament.
2) Ace of the Year winner will receive a perpetual trophy at the Christmas party. The gross and net
winners will receive a gift certificate at the Christmas party.
3) Club Champion will receive a medallion at the Holiday party a medallion and the tournament
purse at the conclusion of the tournament. 
4) Most improved player will receive a medallion, certificate and the money on the books at the
Holiday party (Board of Director’s Minutes 3/6/13) 


A. Wednesday play days – minimum of 12 players must participate for tournament status for awards.
B. The Captain shall be given a gift of appreciation at the Holiday party. Cost shall be covered by
C. Hole-in-one Insurance ($3.00 per person) shall be awarded for “ACE” on the DAVIS GOLF COURSE.
(Participation is OPTIONAL). 
D. On PPP days, anytime a player picks up, and “X” out, the player is not eligible for any awards.
(General membership voted 2/15/2017) However on a Regular play day a player may pick up at 10
on a specific hole to speed up play, as “Mercy” rule, and still be in sweeps. (6/24/2020 Rules
E. Raffles sponsored by DWGC (except the Holiday raffle) will allocate 50% of proceeds for raffle prizes and 50% for Club donations to be decided by a Board vote annually based on written recommendations from membership.
F. Cell phone GPS units may be used on the course. Electronic communications devices may be used between the 9th and 10th hole, after the 18th hole or before the 1st hole during play. Use of cell phone under special circumstances includes family emergencies or need to respond to timely issues. As a courtesy, set cell on vibrate when expecting a call.  (Added 6/15/13 by the Board of Directors)
G. All free relief within one club length no closer to the pin from yardage marker bushes. (Per General Membership vote 2/15/2017) 
H. Winter Rules shall be in effect from November 1st to March 1st and at the discretion of the Tournament Chair. (Per membership vote 2/6/19)

A. Communication via Email to the General Membership will be generated from the Captain, Tournament Chair or Handicap Chair only. Members wanting to send a message to the General Membership will be directed to the Captain. 

Note:  Announcement and copy of proposed Operating Procedures document with changes highlighted sent to DWGC General Membership via their email addresses on record, to ensure 30-day notice requirements for action to be taken by General Membership vote. Updated and Revised Operating Procedures adopted and voted upon by the DWGC General Membership on May 4, 2022