Wednesday, August 31st Right after Golf

Join Dan Wettstein (NCGA Certified Rules Clinician) for a Rules Class following golf.
Dan has graciously agreed to hold the Clinic at Davis Muni for our convivence.

If you have specific rules questions you would like answered, please email them to Roberta Paul at bertapaul@sbcglobal.net by August 24th.

This is a chance to learn rules, protect the field and have a more enjoyable round.

2022 Handicap Tournament

Huge shout out to all 24 ladies that participated in the 2022 Handicap Tournament.
It was a very tight race after the first day and with sweltering heat on the last day we have our winners!!


First Flight:
1st Place: Regina Cortez, 21 Points, $35
2nd Place: Jamie Marks, 20.5 Points, $30
3rd Place: Lynette Temple, 18.5 Points, $25
4th Place Tie: Tracy Van Deynze, 17.5 Points, $10
Liz Hayhoe, 17.5 Points, $10

Second Flight:
1st Place: Angie Cobey, 23 Points, $35
2nd Place: Susan Magill, 22.5 Points $30
3rd Place: Debbi Reinecke, 20 Points, $25
4th Place: Claudia Hammond, 18.5 Points, $20

Third Flight:
1st Place: Pat Wong, 20 Points, $35
2nd Place: Lou Ann Beall, 19 Points, $30
3rd Place: Bo Horgan, 17.5 Points, $25
4th Place: Jan Harlan, 16.5 Points, $20

Judy Wettstein and Cathy O’Malley would like to thank all for participating and making this a successful tournament.

Confusion on Practice Shots during Play

There have been open discussions on when and where you can make practice shots.

Before Play: You may hit balls on the driving range, Chip balls around the Practice Putting Green, and of course putt on the Practice Green.

During Play: Rule 5.5b Between two holes, a player must NOT make a practice stroke with a ball. (Such as using a 3 iron)

Exception: Where Player Allowed to Practice Putting or Chipping:

The player may practice putting or chipping on or near the putting green of the hole just completed.
Example: You and your foursome just holed out on a hole. You can practice putting or chipping on that same hole, as long as you are not delaying play.

The teeing area of the next hole. (Not just your first)
Example: Your foursome is waiting to tee off. The foursome ahead of you is still within your range.
You may practice chipping only around the teeing area. If the fairway is clear, you must tee off.

These open discussions after and during play is only reinforcing our knowledge of The Rules of Golf.
Keep it up ladies, if you have any questions, please let me know and our Rules Chair will research and find your answer.


Rules FAQs in Fairways and Rough (General Area)

You can’t find a ball you think is Embedded
Q. I think my ball is stuck in the ground, but I can’t find it – how do I proceed?
A. If you can’t find your ball within three minutes, it is lost. Because it is lost, you must return to the spot of your previous stroke and play another ball for one penalty stroke (see Rule 18.2b).

Interference from Boundary Objects
Q. I have interference from an out of bounds fence, stake or wall – what are my options?
A. You do not get free relief from objects marking course boundaries or take free relief from them like you would from other artificial objects, like a cart path, a building, or a stake marking a penalty area. Your options are to play your ball as it lies, proceed under penalty of stroke and distance by playing again from the spot of your last stroke (see Rule 18.1), or decide your ball is unplayable (see Rule 19.1).

Relief Options for Unplayable Ball
Q. I don’t think I can play my ball as it lies (unplayable) – what are my options?
A. If you don’t want to or decide you cannot play your ball as it lies, you have the option to decide that it is unplayable for one penalty stroke (see Rule 19.2). This will give you three options on where you may drop your ball away from the spot where it came to rest. (1) You may play a ball at the spot of your previous stroke (see Rule 19.2a). (2) Take back-on-the-line relief (see Rule 19.2b). (3) Drop within two club-lengths and not nearer the hole than where your ball came to rest (see Rule 19.2c).

A few more rules you might want to check out!

Rule 5.2b: A player must not practice on the course before a round, EXCEPT: A player may practice putting or chipping on or near his or her first teeing area and on any practice area.

Rule 4.3a(6): During play, use of any type of golf training or swing aid (such as an alignment rod or weighted headcover or “donut”) or a non-conforming club to make a practice swing or in any way that creates a potential advantage by helping the player in preparing for or making a stroke is NOT ALLOWED. Julie Inkster used a weighted club during an event and was disqualified.

Rule 5.5a: No Practice strokes while playing Hole. While playing a hole, a player must not make a practice stroke at any ball on or off the course. Perfectly ok to clear out range balls with a club to “clean up” the course (such as #18) as long as you are not practicing hitting a ball (taking a stance, lining up, etc.)


Did you know you can’t move your ball when it rests next to Goose Poop?
Rule 15.1a: You can remove the Poop as a loose impediment but be careful not to move your ball or you get a one stroke penalty.

Did you know when taking relief from a sprinkler head or cart path you can’t just bump it a few inches?
Rule 16.1: You must take FULL relief. Find your nearest point of relief, then take a club length and mark relief area no closer to the hole and drop from the knee.

Do you know the correct way to drop a ball when taking relief?
Rule 14.3b: Ball must be dropped straight down from knee height without touching player or equipment.

Did you know you can practice putting and chipping between holes?
Rule 5.5b: A player is allowed to practice putting and chipping when she is between holes, and everyone has hole out. (As long as you don’t delay play)

PROTECT THE FIELD. These are simple rules we should all have in our bags.