Wednesday, August 31st Right after Golf Join Dan Wettstein (NCGA Certified Rules Clinician) for a Rules Class following golf.Dan has graciously agreed to hold the Clinic at Davis Muni for our convivence. If you have specific rules questions you would like answered, please email them to Roberta Paul at bertapaul@sbcglobal.net by August 24th. This isContinue reading “DWGC RULES CLINIC”

Confusion on Practice Shots during Play

There have been open discussions on when and where you can make practice shots. Before Play: You may hit balls on the driving range, Chip balls around the Practice Putting Green, and of course putt on the Practice Green. During Play: Rule 5.5b Between two holes, a player must NOT make a practice stroke withContinue reading “Confusion on Practice Shots during Play”

A few more rules you might want to check out!

Rule 5.2b: A player must not practice on the course before a round, EXCEPT: A player may practice putting or chipping on or near his or her first teeing area and on any practice area. Rule 4.3a(6): During play, use of any type of golf training or swing aid (such as an alignment rod orContinue reading “A few more rules you might want to check out!”